Top Car Accident Injuries Treated by Chiropractic Physicians

As one of the leading causes of injuries across the country, car accidents can be an agonizing experience. When looking at the most recent data from organizations like the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it appears as if the number of accidents is on the rise.

In just the first nine months of last year, there was an increase of nearly 15% in serious car accidents across the country. The average American is likely to be in a car accident three to four times over a lifetime and it is likely to happen close to home.

With more devices to cause greater distraction in our vehicles these days, it is no wonder that car accidents are on the rise in general. In a large metropolitan area like the Miami-Dade region, the likelihood of being in a car accident gets ever higher.

The Right Care for the Most Common Injury

Fortunately, for those who have been involved in a car accident, there is care that fends off long-term chronic pain from injuries sustained in the accident. However, not all injuries are created equal. Some injuries are far more prevalent than others. It is important for patients to know which car accident injuries are treated most by chiropractic physicians.

By far the most common car accident injury treated by chiropractic physicians is whiplash.

The sudden back and forth motion of our head, which takes the brunt of the impact during a car accident, can cause tears in the fine muscles or other soft tissue throughout the neck. The symptoms of whiplash are numerous, and all car accident victims should be evaluated by a chiropractic physician for this common injury.

Occur Common Injuries Treated by a Chiropractic Physician

Issues throughout the spinal column such as herniated discs, strained muscles, and spasms also cause serious pain down the back of a car accident victim.

Hips, knees, and elbows often get jammed or strike a component of the vehicle’s interior. Tendons, ligaments, and other parts of the joint—such as the kneecap—then require certain techniques offered by an experienced chiropractic physician in order to heal fully.

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