Injury Rehabilitation Clinic Serving Hollywood, FL

We offer modalities that are used in conjunction with your chiropractic care.

Intervertebral Traction

Intermittent traction places a gentle stretch on the spine to separate the vertebrae and relieve the stress on the discs between the vertebrae. The stretching effect exerted on the discs creates a sucking action and lets the disc absorb more blood and healing nutrients allowing it to heal more quickly.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electric stimulation is used chiefly for the relief of pain and muscle relaxation in acute conditions. When applied to the muscles adjacent to the spine, the vertebrae are allowed to move more freely thus helping to relieve pain and nerve irritation. This type of therapy is also used to maintain muscle integrity in case of nerve injury.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

This modality uses sound waves at high frequencies to aid the healing process in areas of injury. By creating deep tissue heat, reducing swelling and breaking up toxic waste product accumulation, ultrasound relives pain and promotes rapid healing.

Neck Traction

A weight applied to the neck pulling the neck into extension with gravity while the patient is lying on their back. This helps to restore the natural curvature of the neck by opening up the disc spaces and reducing the pressure on the nerves.

Neck Strengthening

An isometric exercise done to strengthen the cervical paraspinal muscles (neck muscles) helping to support the natural neck curvature.

Moist Heat

A therapy that helps to increase the circulation to the effected area relaxing the muscles and relieving the pain without dehydrating the body.


Is the use of ice packs for acute injuries to help in the reduction of swelling and bruising as well as pain management.

Light Therapy

Is a treatment that works at the cellular level by increasing the production of ATP (cellular energy) which speeds up the healing process of the injured tissue. It helps in re-establishing the ideal frequency of each individual cell in the affected area, devitalizes pathogens in the system, removes energy blockages through depolarization and detoxifies the body by moving lymphatic, circulatory and fluid systems in the body.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a lateral epicondylitis treatment that has been demonstrated in clinical trials to be beneficial in lowering pain and enhancing grip strength.  Learn More