Shockwave Thearpy

shockwave Therapy

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a common ailment that affects persons who perform repeated motion-intensive activities.

Tennis elbow treatment may occasionally be limited to topical medications and corticosteroid injections, but if these methods are ineffective, doctors may frequently suggest surgery.

Because surgery requires invasive techniques to treat all forms of tennis elbow, there is always some risk involved.

Instead of surgery, you might want to consider shockwave therapy.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a lateral epicondylitis treatment that has been demonstrated in clinical trials to be beneficial in lowering pain and enhancing grip strength.

In order to promote tissue healing when the arm recovers from the shockwave treatment, sound waves are used to create microscopic trauma in the tissue surrounding the bone and joint. Patients have stated that their general functionality and elbow pain have improved.

Is there Evidence it works?

Randomized control trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of shockwave therapy.

Several empirical research have demonstrated the effectiveness of targeted shockwave therapy.

Participants did report considerable improvements in their discomfort and bodily performance, according to a systemic evaluation of studies on therapies for tennis elbow.

Studies that directly examined the effectiveness of shockwave therapy in the treatment group as well as meta-analyses have demonstrated that shockwave therapy is a successful, non-invasive treatment option for tennis elbow.

How does the treatment work?

Before starting treatment, you'll have a consultation.  Multiple visits are typically necessary, however, you should start to feel better after the first few visits.

To assist break up the adhesions that are typical of disorders like tennis elbow, a prolonged treatment plan may be developed in more severe cases.

What about Side Effects?

Shockwave therapy seldom causes unwanted side effects.

The worst you'll probably encounter is typically some minor discomfort and bruising.

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