Timing Chiropractic Care Correctly Following a Car Accident

While it’s obvious that the trauma of a car accident can cause injuries in those who experience a collision, the ways this strain can cause pain in the body down the road is less clear. Sometimes this is due to a victim choosing not to seek care immediately afterward and for others it is simply due to ignorance.

Thanks to countless years of trusted research and experience, chiropractic physicians are now able to treat car accident victims for injuries sustained at the time of the crash and those that would otherwise manifest much later.

A big key to healing quickly and fully after a car accident is ensuring treatment is received promptly after the incident. There is less risk for complications and typically a much shorter recovery when victims act quickly.

Don’t Wait More Than Three Days

In general, those who are involved in a car accident of any severity should schedule a consultation with a chiropractic physician within three days. Many who are involved in only minor car accidents believe there is no need to receive chiropractic care at all.

The evidence of physical symptoms—especially for what may have seemed like a simple fender bender—may not set in until later. However, chiropractic physicians are able to recognize signs of injury and treat patients for those injuries early.

This early detection and proactive work help avoid a delay in recovering fully from injuries sustained in the accident. Seeing a chiropractic physician early also ensures you receive the best care possible.

Benefits Beyond Just Healing and Recovery

There are other benefits to seeking chiropractic care early after an accident that go beyond just a quicker physical recovery.

Following an extensive examination from a chiropractic physician, the report produced can be used for claims with insurance. A chiropractic physician’s notations can also serve purposes regarding legal documentation when pursuing a specific ruling in the courts.

Waiting any longer after an accident to receive chiropractic care can mean less legitimacy when it comes time to produce documentation.

From intervertebral traction to light therapy and electric muscle stimulation, a chiropractic physician who specializes in treating victims of car accidents—like Dr. Keren Gomez— can provide services that lead to a full recovery.

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