The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

car accident tipsThere are a lot of pain that can follow even a minor car accident. Dealing with insurance is a pain. Getting estimates on repairing damage to your vehicle can be painful. If moving violations are involved, the police and court proceedings can really hurt.

The worst pain, however, and those that require the most attention long term are the pains you experience in your body. Insurance will resolve quickly, cars can be fixed, and most tickets are taken care of in a fixed amount of time. Trauma and injuries sustained physically, however, have the potential to linger for much longer.

Knowing what injuries are most common in a car accident can go a long way in helping victims understand what treatment to pursue. Fortunately, there are experienced medical professionals who can help patients find relief quickly.

Whiplash is the Most Common Injury Sustained in a Car Accident

We hear the word whiplash thrown around regularly, most often in a metaphorical sense where someone is describing a sudden change in circumstance. Whiplash, however, is an injury to be taken very seriously following any collision, even a minor fender-bender.

When the body is forced into an unnatural movement at an unnatural speed, like that experienced in a car accident, whiplash is often the result. Whiplash is the forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. Rear-end collisions are most often the cause of whiplash, but any type of crash can lead to this injury.

The most common symptoms of whiplash are pain in the neck and shoulders. Less common symptoms include numbness and weakness in the arms. Anyone experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, or ringing in the ears should seek immediate medical attention.

Other Injuries Include a Long List of Aches and Pains

The most fortunate victims of car accidents only have to deal with scrapes, cuts, and bruising. Although they appear minor, these injuries can point to deeper trauma in the body. Injuries to the head can lead to a disruption in brain function, headaches, and trouble sleeping.

Knees or other joints often sustain trauma in a car accident and require therapy to rehab them back to normal. A herniated disc is another common injury sustained in car accidents; which occurs when parts of the vertebrae in your spine rupture or are dislocated by the blunt force trauma of a crash.

Although these injuries are painful, they are not permanent. An auto accident clinic like the one led by Dr. Keren Gomez specializes in treating patients to alleviate pain and further damage to the body no matter the specific injury. Call Dr. Keren Gomez at 305-761-6528 or use the online appointment scheduler to book an evaluation.