The Benefits of Traction Following a Car Accident

The neck is one of the areas of the body most affected by a car accident. Due to the occurrence of injuries such as whiplash, the neck’s anatomy makes it susceptible to the impact experienced in any collision, despite how minor it may appear at first.

Fortunately, chiropractic care can provide relief for victims of car accidents . Among the many techniques safely used today, traction is a popular method for relieving pain and helping patients make a full recovery.

Traction Relieves Pain in All Areas of the Body

Mechanical traction is a neck therapy that stretches your muscles and relieves pressure from the discs connected to your spine. By separating the joints in your neck, the pressure on pinched nerves is alleviated in the process and pain in extremities can be alleviated.

Patients experience increased mobility and find themselves being able to turn their heads with greater rotation, but without the pain experienced prior to therapy. Mechanical traction also relieves the severe stiffness that accompanies an injury most often caused by recurring inflammation in the affected area.

Traction relieves pain and tension from herniated discs as a result of a car accident. Many patients are led to believe that surgery is their only option, but traction is a proven non-surgical method for healing discs that are bulging or herniated.

Time in Traction is Time Well Spent

Intervertebral traction places a gentle stretch on the spine or neck and can produce the desired result in as little as 20 minutes. Separating the vertebrae and relieving stress on the discs between them allows the discs to absorb healing nutrients so that they can heal more quickly.

Traction for the neck specifically can be a relaxing experience wherein patients lay flat on a table as weight is gently applied to the neck. This process helps restore the natural curvatures of the neck while pressure on the nerves is reduced.

Often times, victims of whiplash experienced in a car accident also suffer from spasms. Patients often find a decrease in their spasms in the neck and lower back after undergoing traction from a chiropractic physician. Joint pain is also lessened through the use of intermittent traction.

When undergoing traction therapy following a car accident, make sure you are receiving your care from a chiropractic physician with extensive knowledge on this and other forms of treatment like Dr. Keren Gomez. Call Dr. Keren Gomez at 305-761-6528 or browse our website to see which of the several Miami, FL area locations is best for you to find relief.