Slip and fall accidents happen so fast and they can happen to anyone, so we’ve prepared this list of frequently asked questions we receive at our Miami chiropractic office. Reading this information now might save you some stress later if you or a loved one becomes injured due to a slip and fall.

  1. What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents?

 This may seem like a question with an obvious answer (“you slip, then you fall”), but the reality is a bit more complex. Some slip and fall accidents are just random chance, but most of the time there is an attributable cause or condition that you can avoid or that may be evidence of negligence on the part of a property owner. Conditions like wet or icy walkways can be the result of negligence. Another common cause of slip and fall accidents is unsafe walkways. Things like damaged or poorly paved sidewalks/parking lots, poor lighting and obstacles left in cluttered walkways can also cause negligent trip hazards that may cause injuries.

  1. What are the Most Common Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents?

 We see a lot of patients who have had a slip and fall accident and the typical injuries we see include:

  • Spinal Injuries caused by abnormal twisting
  • Fractures of the knee, ankle, wrist, neck, shoulders or hip caused by impact or due to the human instinct to catch themselves, only to fall improperly on these joints
  • Strains and sprains from inappropriate twisting or pressure on joints and muscles
  • Traumatic brain injury or concussions in cases where patients hit their head
  • Dislocated shoulders in cases where the shoulder takes the majority of the impact
  1. How Can I Tell if I Have More Serious Injuries After a Slip and Fall?

The truth is, you often don’t know until days later whether or not your injuries may be serious. Stiffness and soreness are common at first, but if they don’t start to go away within a few days or your symptoms instead worsen, you may have a serious injury. This is why it is vital to seek medical attention as soon as possible after a fall. It ensures immediate assessment and treatment of any serious injuries, as well as provides necessary documentation if your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence.

  1. What Do I Do if I’ve Had a Slip and Fall Accident?

 If a serious injury is immediately apparent, go to the emergency room. Otherwise, consider visiting Dr. Keren Gomez. Her chiropractic experience in slip and fall accidents can ensure your peace of mind and get you back on your feet. Specializing in treating musculoskeletal issues, her thorough assessment and testing can pinpoint injuries or pain sources. If necessary, she can formulate an effective treatment plan that gets you on the road to recovery as soon as possible. If you’ve had a slip and fall accident, don’t wait for potentially serious injuries to get worse. Give us a call today and let us help!

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