Importance of Proper Diagnosis After a Car Accident

In the United States alone, there are millions of car accidents every year. Of these accidents, three million cause injury and force individuals to have to deal with some form of chronic pain. This is why seeking treatment after a car accident is so important. Dr. Keren H. Gomez works hard to defy these statistics and get her patients back to proper wellness. Our offices work to find a proper diagnosis of your pain and symptoms so that we can properly treat your issues. If you’ve been in an accident, whether you feel anything or not, it’s important to get checked out right after your accident.

Advice for Those Suffering After an Auto Accident

Let us first not make the mistake of telling you that emergency medical treatment is not necessary. If you are at the scene of an accident, please first call 911! Medical emergencies are emergent and should be treated as such! Emergency medicine is an excellent resource in an emergency. However, the “less emergent” matters can make a large impact on your life if they aren’t properly treated. Once emergent matters are cleared, your next phone call should absolutely be to the offices of Dr. Keren Gomez. Why do we say this? Once you are cleared by the provider in the hospital, the standard medical practice for them is as follows: one type of anti-inflammatory drug, a muscle relaxant, and perhaps even a narcotic. While this isn’t always across the board, it does tend to be the standard. If you haven’t noticed, nothing about this actually gets to the root of the problem. All of these drugs don’t solve the problem, they only mask the symptoms. This is a large reason why standard medical practice is not always the answer after a car accident.

Receiving a Proper Diagnosis Following an Auto Accident

So how do you get natural, holistic care that can make a real difference in your health? Dr. Keren Gomez will perform a thorough assessment of you and your symptoms. She has extensive knowledge of chiropractic treatment options after auto accidents. There is no standard practice for chiropractic treatment because every single patient is different and therefore, every treatment is treated a little bit differently. Having an early, proper diagnosis after a car accident can mean avoiding chronic pain for life. It can also mean appropriate financial burdens are lifted due to proper and timely treatment. Proper diagnosis after a car accident can dramatically change your quality of life in the long run.

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