How Injuries from Car Accidents and Sports Injuries Differ

sports injury vs car accidentThose who have experienced a collision on the field or the court know the jarring impact it can have on your body. Whether it is two volleyball players diving for the same ball or a blocking back and would be tackler running into one another at full speed, you don’t forget that feeling.

While collisions during a sporting event can feel jolting, they cannot hold a candle to the impact a human body experiences during a car accident. This makes total sense if you think about it. The total weight of two bodies colliding is a mere fraction of what two automobiles weigh. This is why if you’re involved in any type of automobile accident it’s imperative that you seek help for any aches and pains as soon as possible.

Both Are Jarring but In Different Ways

Due to differences in the impacts of sporting collisions and automobile accidents, the injuries tend to vary widely as well. Of course, in both cases, the severity of the impact, how the body reacts to the trauma, and the level of protective equipment all work to determine the level of injury.

Even a mild car accident can cause a concussion or other traumatic brain injury. Unlike many sports injuries, the body does not actually come into contact with the opposing force. Instead, it is the body’s reaction to the impact that causes the injury. This is the case with whiplash, which is the most common injury following a minor car accident.

In a sports injury, the location of the damage and corresponding trauma are more likely to be at the point of impact. Therefore, it is shoulders, knees, the lower back, and ankles that are the most prone to injury.

The ligaments and tendons keeping muscles together at the joints often sustain an injury that requires medical attention. Along with collisions while playing, general overuse or improper use of the body can also lead to major sports injuries that require chiropractic care to fully heal.

Relief From Both Causes is Possible with Chiropractic Care

Although injuries from both car accidents and playing sports vary, most all of them are treatable by a chiropractic doctor. With a sufficient evaluation and long-term plan developed by a chiropractic physician like Dr. Keren Gomez, victims of both car accidents and sports injuries can experience healing. Call Dr. Keren Gomez at 305-761-6528 or use the online contact form to request more information on treating your specific injury and finding relief from pain.