How Car Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

Car accidents are a leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Even safety measures meant to protect our lives in a crash can be the reason victims sustain injury to their spinal cord. Air bags and seat belts do save lives, but they can wreak havoc on the spinal cord during an accident.

Of course, air bags and seatbelts should always be utilized for the safety of all passengers. However, understanding how the sudden impact of a crash can cause trauma to the spinal cord and the tissue surrounding it is important in knowing how to treat the injury.

The Anatomy of the Spinal Cord

Looking at the parts of the spinal cord and how they function gives a better picture of ways in which a car accident can lead to trauma in this fascinating part of the body. As part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord is a bundle of nerves connecting the brain to the rest of the body. This bundle is protected by a complex vertebral column enclosing the nerves.

Because the nerves bundled in the spinal cord travel throughout the body, injury to the cord can mean pain or other symptoms in parts of the body far from the spinal cord. These nerves are responsible for the motor function of the body. Therefore, the inability to move a finger or toe without pain can be traced all the way back to the spinal cord itself.

Symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury Vary

Often times people will associate symptoms of a spinal cord injury, such as numbness in another part of the body, to a worn-out mattress or sleeping in an awkward position. Back spasms, pain radiating through extremities, and even labored breathing or other respiratory issues can be the result of a spinal cord injury sustained in a car accident.

Parts of the spinal cord can be crushed, severed, or dislocated during an accident. Even those who seem to experience no symptoms other than some soreness following a crash can experience pain much later due to deterioration of the spinal cord. This deterioration can leave sharp bone fragments that pierce and pinch the nerves or surrounding tissue.

Fortunately, seeking medical attention from a chiropractic physician like Dr. Keren Gomez can help victims of car accidents recover more quickly and avoid long-term damage. Call Dr. Keren Gomez at 561-414-2401 or use our online contact form to request information on how treatment can help you recover from an injury sustained in a car accident.