Avoiding Arthritis After a Car Accident Through Chiropractic Care

Arthritis is a condition that affects nearly a quarter of all Americans. Although most patients who experience onset arthritis do so later in life, arthritis can also be caused more suddenly following trauma to the body.

The effects of arthritis can include irregular body movements due to deterioration of bone and cartilage in the joints. An automobile accident is one cause of blunt force trauma to the body that may manifest in post-traumatic arthritis over time.

When the joint cartilage and other connective tissues between bones is damaged by a car accident, the cartilage itself can slowly wear away. This leads to excruciating pain from bones rubbing against one another. While there may not be any damage to the bones themselves, the pain is often what hinders the quality of life for victims of car accidents.

Arthritis Exposed by a Car Accident

The pain that follows a car accident—even after injuries seem to have healed—can be attributed to arthritis. Arthritis can develop as a direct result of the car accident, or it can be exposed and exacerbated by the crash.

Patients may attribute pain to other causes, but through working with a professional following a car accident, realize that the arthritis was present prior to the accident.

Post-traumatic arthritis is most likely to occur in the joints we use most and are most vulnerable during a car accident. The hips, knees, and ankles are areas in which patients tend to experience this pain the most.

Pain Relief is Possible with Chiropractic Care

Although post-traumatic arthritis is a major issue for victims of car accidents, there are a myriad of conditions that could be causing pain after a crash. The only way to know the exact cause and how to address it specifically is to be evaluated by a specialist.

If you or a loved one are experiencing pain in a joint, swelling, or limited mobility following a car accident, take heart in knowing that relief from all of these symptoms is possible with the right treatment.

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