Addressing the Short-Term Effects of a Car Accident

Even with the advancements in safety features and technologies within the automotive industry today, car accidents continue to be a leading cause of pain and suffering for victims of a collision. No amount of improvement in a vehicle’s features can account for drowsy, drunk, or distracted driving.

Those with the most impeccable driving records are still susceptible to coming into contact with less cautious motorists on the road. Therefore, it is good to be prepared with a plan for when you do wind up being a victim of a car accident. Understanding the short-term effects of a car accident should inform that plan.

No Two Car Accidents Are the Same

The short-term effects of a car accident vary greatly depending on the specifics of the situation. Factors like the speed of the vehicles at impact, the position of the passengers or driver, and the use of safety equipment are all determinants of a crash’s effects.

It is vital not to try and tough it out after a collision. Even minor fender benders can lead to serious trauma that may hide deep within a person’s spine, neck, or extremities at first. Don’t ignore the aches and pains following a car accident while pushing through with pain killers.

With many of the short-term effects seeming to be more a nuisance than major injury, people may be tempted to ignore them. Putting up with headaches, dizziness, stiffness, pain, or reduced range of motion is to the detriment of long-term healing.

What Seems Insignificant Can Lead to Major Damage

The most common effect from a car accident, especially those involving a rear-end collision, is whiplash. Micro-tears and strains of the ligaments surrounding the neck area are to blame for the pain of whiplash. Victims may be able to function at first, but lingering effects can cause major issues down the road if not addressed in the short-term.

Being evaluated by a licensed and professional chiropractic doctor is vital to making a full recovery. A chiropractic physician like Dr. Keren Gomez has years of experience in treating victims of car accidents and rehabbing patients in the short-term to avoid much larger issues later.

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