3 Safe Driving Tips to Keep in Mind in Miami-Dade County

You have, of course, heard of the term ‘fender bender’ –a common term for a minor traffic accident. You may think of a minor traffic accident as inconvenient, but that is not always true. Even a small vehicle impact can have a seriously detrimental effect on the human body. If you think about it, our bodies are not designed to travel at velocities over running speed and then come to a sudden stop or be stationary and then be hit by force even though it is ‘protected’ by the ‘shell’ of the vehicle it is sitting in.

Tips for Safe Driving in the Miami-Dade County Area

Recovery from even a minor car accident can be time-consuming and painful, with your day-to-day living affected in ways you have not contemplated. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce your ‘fender bender’ risk by practicing safe driving techniques, and here are three tips that will enable you to do just that.

  • Keep your distance – it may be tempting to get close to the car in front of you, but if that car stops unexpectedly, you won’t have the reaction time to stop yourself without a collision. In normal weather conditions, leave a gap of three vehicle lengths. In wet weather, extend that to four and beyond.
  • Expect the unexpected – be wary of all threats while driving, no matter how minor. When you are passing a side road, ‘expect’ a driver to pull out without looking. When passing a school or driving through a residential area, ‘expect’ children to run into the road. When you are in a parking lot, expect other drivers to focus more on finding a space than driving attentively. If you ‘expect’ the worst, then you will be more prepared when and if the worst does finally happen.
  • Drive with full attention – your car could kill someone, including yourself! Don’t look at your phone while driving, as a split second of inattention could prove damaging. Also, never drive if you are feeling drowsy, have been drinking, or have taken any form of narcotic, no matter how ‘minor.’

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