Why You Need to See a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall Injury

slip and fall injury miamiWhen it comes to a slip and fall, most of us will probably laugh about it, pick ourselves up and try and carry on as normal. It may be painful, it may leave bruises, but in the long run little actual physical harm has been done, surely?

While many slip and fall incidents are completely harmless, some do more damage than is evident via a simple visual examination. The truth is, the human body did not evolve in a world of rock-hard concrete and wooden floors. When our ancestors took a tumble, they fell onto the soft ground. Our skeletons and muscular systems are not designed to handle a sudden impact with zero damage.

Why You Should See a Chiropractor After Your Slip and Fall Injury

The sudden, unwanted impact of a hard surface can cause a great deal of damage to the human body. Even if no bones are broken and there’s no visual evidence of damage aside from swelling and bruises, that doesn’t mean that your body has gotten off scot-free.

Discomfort may set in weeks or days after your slip and fall incident. You may suddenly experience swelling, stiff joints or aching limbs. You may find that you suffer a stiff or painful back after sitting or standing for an extended period. You can help prevent any lengthy period of discomfort by visiting a chiropractor as soon after your slip and fall injury as possible.

What a Chiropractic Visit Can Do For You After a Slip and Fall Injury

A chiropractor understands fully how the human body works, and in particular how crucial the spine works with all other important bodily systems, including the skeleton and the muscular system. With a physical examination, an experienced chiropractor can check the body for damage, or for any signs of trauma that may have caused your spine to become misaligned.

If problems are found then your chiropractor can help you, performing adjustments to your spine using physical manipulation. You will soon be back on your feet, feeling as good as you did before your slip and fall incident, if not better.

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