When a Lawyer Suggests Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

Victims of car accidents tend to receive a lot of instructions from a lot of different professionals following the accident. From medical personnel to legal counsel to automotive repair, how are you to make sense of all the advice?

There are several reasons why an attorney specifically may send a car accident victim to seek chiropractic care. First of all, the most common reason why a lawyer recommends a chiropractor is the care they provide.

Adequate Care from a Chiropractic Physician

A chiropractic physician is able to address your condition in ways more traditional medical care may either be unable to or can overlook when treating what they find at the time of the accident. For the most severe injuries, paramedics and others are necessary, but there are more long-term issues that only a licensed chiropractic physician can address.

Car accidents that may seem minor when they occur can often result in long-term soft tissue injuries and other causes of chronic pain that chiropractic care is able to treat. Common injuries like whiplash can leave the neck and head of a car accident victim reeling.

Symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, pain throughout the upper torso, and stiffness are often results of the spine being knocked out of alignment. Much of the medical profession is only able to treat the pain and other symptoms, however, the right chiropractic physician focuses on the source of the pain.

Chiropractic Care Can Help When Pursuing a Settlement

Going to a chiropractor can also be helpful to your settlement, which is another reason why your lawyer may be sending you to see a chiropractor. The competency and experience of a chiropractic physician like Dr. Keren H. Gomez in the Miami-Dade area helps to ensure the appropriate evidence that demonstrates the extent of a patient’s injuries sustained in a car accident is adequately documented.

Visiting a chiropractic physician for an extended period of time exhibits verifiable proof that a victim is hurting. While a chiropractic physician will treat a victim only as long as is necessary, sometimes healing can take longer than expected.

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