What to Do and Not to Do Following a Car Accident?

A car accident comes without any warning and leaves you uncertain about many things. If you are lucky and have no acute injuries that require immediate treatment, you may worry more about who was at fault, how the accident will impact your car insurance premiums and whether your car can be fixed quickly. Deciding whether or not to seek medical treatment after a car accident is also something that you should consider in the hours after an accident. Here are some tips for what to do and not to do following a car accident:

Tips To Keep In Mind After a Car Accident

  1. Remain calm, call for help and stay at the scene of the accident.
  2. Assess any acute injuries (to yourself, passengers and those in the other vehicle).
  3. If everyone seems OK, exchange information with those in the other vehicle(s) and wait for the authorities and/or medical team.
  4. Even very minor car accidents can leave you with soft tissue injuries, stiffness, neck, shoulder and knee pain. These injuries may not be at all obvious at the time of the accident, so it is always wise to consult with a health care provider after a car accident to be checked out. Many individuals elect to see a chiropractor who can assess these types of injuries and develop a personalized treatment plan to get you feeling like yourself in no time.
  5. Keep all of your receipts and notes from any appointments after your car accident as you can likely be reimbursed for all care that you receive after your car accident.
  6. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries after a car accident, no matter how serious. Symptoms can range from mild to severe and should not be ignored. Whiplash can be painful and can hurt in the front or the back of the neck. An experienced chiropractor can help you recover from whiplash, no matter how severe.
  7. Do not be afraid to see multiple health care providers. If, after your car accident, you went to see your medical doctor or visited an ER or Urgent Care, the providers were likely looking for any acute injuries sustained in the accident. You can also consider seeing a chiropractor for stiffness or soreness that might not be obvious at the time of the accident.

Dr. Keren Gomez is a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in helping clients after car accidents. She has extensive expertise and experience treating injuries to the spine, including whiplash and cervical spine misalignment. She will develop an individualized treatment plan to help you recover and feel better as soon as possible. Common treatment options include chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic massage, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, and traction. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call one of our three Florida locations: Dade: 305-761-6528, Broward: 954-510-5518 or Palm Beach: 561-414-2401.