What Joint Pain Means After a Car Accident

There are always a lot of effects and responsibilities placed on the victim of a car accident. If you or someone you know has recently been involved in a collision, you probably have a good idea of all that is involved.

From filing reports with the local judicial system and insurance companies to receiving medical attention, the list can be very daunting. After receiving immediate EMT or hospital care, many people are off to the races with getting their vehicle fixed and renting loaners in the meantime.

Although all of these are necessary and important steps to take following a car accident, it is also important for those involved in any type of accident to pay close attention to how the body is reacting. Neglecting to deal with pain in the joints means ignoring these potential injuries.

Joint Pain is Common Following Car Accidents

Joint injuries are one of the most common effects victims of car accidents suffer from and they often do not manifest until well after the accident. With over 2 million people seriously injured in car accidents in this country alone, those who experience a car accident are far from alone.

Joint injuries can be a complex issue for car accident victims. There is a lot of soft fibrous tissue where your bones connect to each other and these joints are especially susceptible to injury—even when there is little physical impact.

Joints can experience major trauma in parts of the body that do not come into contact with anything else during the accident. The flex experienced by joints during an accident of any severity can result in trauma to that joint.

There is Relief from Joint Pain After a Car Accident

As the body twists and bends, joints experience damage. The impact of this damage may not be felt right away. Inflammation and other responses of the body can mask joint damage until well after the car accident.

Fortunately, there is something that victims of a car accident can do to alleviate their joint pain and avoid suffering down the road. An accident rehab clinic like that of Dr. Keren Gomez relies on various forms of treatment to fully heal joints after an accident.

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