What Happens to the Body in a Minor Car Accident

minor car accidentMost people incorrectly assume there is very little trauma experienced by the body in a minor car accident. The truth, however, is that even a seemingly harmless fender bender can wreak havoc on your body. Lingering and damaging effects of a car accident can go unnoticed at first for several reasons and tend to present themselves down the road.

Often times a victim of a car accident finds him or herself having to miss work and unable to tend to other basic responsibilities handled easily prior to the incident. With all the opportunities for drivers to be distracted these days, it is no wonder that car accidents are on the rise.

Distracted Driving is An Epidemic Today

A 2018 report published by Motus, a premier vehicle management and reimbursement platform, claims that car accidents increased over 12% in just four years as smartphone ownership skyrocketed. Drivers are paying more attention to incoming notifications and online content while focusing less on the task at hand.

This is just one of the many reasons for wrecks on the roadways these days and, unfortunately, it is our bodies that often sustain the real damage. We often consider the cuts and scrapes that follow a wreck, but there are several psychological repercussions we fail to regard.

Car Accidents Impact Mind, Spirit, and Body

You may be surprised to learn that car accidents commonly result in PTSD, persistent anxiety, depression, or unsubstantiated phobias of being in a vehicle at all. Although drivers are most often affected by these afflictions, passengers of all ages can suffer from similar conditions following a car accident.

Bruising, swelling, and pain throughout the spinal cord region have a greater impact than simply feeling the pain itself. Without a qualified medical professional to walk alongside victims and treat the root cause of the symptoms, everyday life is greatly affected. Personal relationships often suffer, which only leads to further psychological and mental health issues.

Falling victim to the effects of a car accident beyond just the necessary paperwork and reports that follow can be devastating. From concussions to fractures, the trauma can extend well beyond the period immediately following the accident itself, especially if proper medical treatment is not received even after the initial swelling subsides.

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