Two Keys Reasons for Seeking Chiropractic Care Quickly Following a Car Accident

Beyond just being painful at the time, a car accident can be the primary cause of a chronic ailment that lasts well beyond the initial injury. With the long list of tasks to check off following a car accident, sometimes the most important focus—your long-term health—can fall to the bottom of the list.

Sore muscles and bruising are to be expected following a car accident. While these more benign injuries tend to heal relatively quickly for most victims, there are other pains that often become persistent.

Acute pain in the neck, shoulders, or back might present in a patient well after he or she thinks that the effects of the car accident have subsided. In order to address, or even avoid these pains altogether, those who have been involved in a car accident should seek the care of a chiropractic physician.

Chiropractic Care Following a Car Accident is For All Ages

Car accident victims of all ages can wind up with chronic pain issues. While we might assume that younger patients will heal quicker and more fully, this is not always the case. Even teenagers or younger children can experience injuries that require continual chiropractic care.

There are even some instances when an examination and subsequent treatment from a chiropractic physician reveal a specific injury that other medical personnel may have missed along the way.

The trauma to the cervical spine at the time of a car accident—no matter the severity—is extreme. Not all medical examinations at the scene or hospital follow ups will reveal everything and not all patients will have the opportunity to receive an MRI.

The Insurance Timeline

Your wellbeing or that of a loved one following a car accident—avoiding chronic pain—is just one reason to seek chiropractic care immediately after a car accident.

The sooner someone who has been in a car accident seeks medical care—including chiropractic care—the more likely these costs will be covered by insurance. However, the longer a patient waits to visit a chiropractic physician, the more likely an insurance company will try to deny payments.

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