Tips After Being in a Pompano Beach Ride Share Car Accident

When people consider ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, a lot of thoughts come to mind. Most often, these thoughts revolve around speed and convenience—especially when trying to make your way around an unfamiliar area.

There is one idea, however, that rarely comes to mind but should be front and center when tapping that app in the Pompano Beach area.

Studies are proving that there is a correlation between the number of car accidents in an area like Pompano Beach and the use of ride share services. While passengers may be naïve about this connection, the stats are demonstrating reason for concern.

Those who use ride sharing services often assume that they will reach their destination safely, but it turns out that the number of ride share car accidents is on the rise.

The Numbers are Staggering

With tens of millions of rides being arranged each month by Uber alone across the country, a heavily populated area like Pompano Beach accounts for its fair share. As late as 2019, nearly a quarter of Uber users in the state of Florida rely on the service to provide their daily commute.

Of course, ride sharing services are in use across all of south Florida including Pompano Beach. While this brings many positive benefits to residents and tourists, there is also an increased opportunity for car accidents.

These services have both policies and protections in place, but their driving corps are made up of everyday drivers who fall prey to the same distractions as the rest of us. They are also just as susceptible to the mistakes made by other drivers on the road around them.

Focus on Your Self First

If you find yourself involved in a ride share car accident, there are several tasks to consider. The first is tending to your own wellbeing. Fortunately, the majority of accidents do not require long-term hospitalizations, but the severity of injuries often lies dormant and are not realized until later.

This is where an experienced and trusted chiropractic physician like Dr. Keren Gomez is vital to the full healing for victims of a Pompano Beach ride share accident. Alongside tending to legal matters and settling with the representatives from the ride sharing service, chiropractic care is critical.

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