The Emerging Research in Support of Cryotherapy

In a world in which we live in comfortable, temperature-controlled spaces virtually all of the time, our true exposure to the cold is very minimal. At the same time though, scientific studies have begun to show the efficacy of cold exposure as an effective means to improve one’s health. Cryotherapy, which efficiently drops your core temperature down within a three-minute session, can be one of the most quick and effective ways to reap the benefits of cold exposure. More and more research has been emerging in support of cryotherapy and here are some of the noteworthy highlights.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation 

Doctors have been using cryotherapy to help patients minimize their pain from rheumatoid arthritis as far back as the 1970’s. Today, professional athletes are using cryotherapy regularly to assist in their recovery from grueling games or practices. Research has shown that cryotherapy works by:

  • Triggering anti-inflammatory norepinephrine within the body to reduce pain from initial injuries
  • Positively reducing perceived chronic pain from conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, and osteoarthritis
  • Possibly increasing powerful antioxidants within the body (glutathione and superoxide dismutase) to improve liver health, enhance function, optimize cellular processes, and minimize effects of oxidative stress

Increased Fat Burning

Studies for many decades have been showing that cold exposure speeds your body’s metabolism by forcing your body to generate that additional heat necessary to keep you warm. When getting cryotherapy treatments, your metallic rate can increase by up to 350%. That shivering you might do both during and after a treatment also causes positive hormonal changes within your body as well. Exposure to the cold increase your body’s amount of brown adipose tissue, which unlike normal white fat tissues, burns more fat throughout the day. This active brown fat is much more common in lean people than overweight individuals in our society, so doing what you can to increase brown adipose tissue may help you in your weight loss efforts.

A Boost in Mood and Better Night’s Sleep

Not only is anti-inflammatory norepinephrine good for fighting feelings of pain within the body, but this hormone in combination with positive endorphins can also improve your mood. Exposure to cold can stimulate the production of these hormones within your body and have significant, positive effects on your energy, focus, memory, and sleep habits. Research has shown that cold water immersion can increase norepinephrine as much as 530% and dopamine by 250%. Similar effects from a few whole-body cryotherapy sessions can be achieved.

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