Summer Holidays and Car Accidents in Miami

Summertime in Miami means an increase in the chances of being involved in a car accident around the area. There are several factors that contribute to the number of accidents being higher over the summer.

First of all, summer brings even more out-of-towners who are vacationing or visiting with family in the area. This means more people on the roads who are unfamiliar with the roads. Distracted drivers trying to follow their GPS leads to eyes on screens instead of on the road.

Summer holidays like the Fourth of July also contribute to the rise in car accidents in Miami. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that the Fourth of July is one of the most dangerous times to be driving on Miami streets.

Startling Summer Car Accident Numbers for the Miami Area

In their Traffic Safety Facts report, the NHTSA published how there were 594 fatalities from car accidents over the July 4th holiday in 2019, which made it #1 for all holidays. Between drunk driving, people traveling to cookouts, parades, and other celebrations, and some of the longest daylight of the year, there are lots of reasons for this rise in car accidents.

Fortunately for residents around the Miami area, there is help for those who wind up being involved in a car accident. Chiropractic care from a licensed chiropractic physician is vital for long-term healing and full recovery following a car accident.

A local accident rehab clinic provides multiple forms of treatment for those who suffer a car accident in the Miami area. Flexion-distraction and core stabilization rehabilitation are just a couple of methods that can be used to make a full recovery.

An Experienced and Licensed Chiropractic Physician Leads to Quicker Healing

Our bodies tend not to heal entirely on their own following an accident. In order to heal fully and correctly, a local chiropractic physician provides extensive knowledge of all-natural and prescription-free protocols that expedite healing.

Whatever your injuries after a car accident—from injured and inflamed soft tissue to cervical sprains or spinal pain—seeking chiropractic care following a car accident is critical. If you or a loved one are involved in a car accident this summer in the Miami area, contact the experienced chiropractic team at Dr. Keren Gomez.

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