Holiday Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

holiday driving With the holidays fast approaching, many Americans will be thinking about the pilgrimages they make to visit their friends and family during Christmas. As air travel seems on the wane, more and more people are leaving airplanes grounded and driving across the country to their destinations instead.

Sadly, car accidents are common, and even if you consider yourself the best driver in the US, you have to factor in other drivers’ skills – or lack thereof –. Rehabilitation from a road traffic accident can be slow, time-consuming, and costly, so prevention rather than cure is the way forward in this department.

Here are a few holiday driving tips to keep you safe.

Don’t drive while intoxicated: There are recommended safe, minimum alcohol-blood limits for driving, but the only guaranteed safe limit is zero. If you are likely making stops along your journey at places where alcohol is present, ensure someone is nominated as the designated driver who will remain alcohol-free. The same goes for any judgment-impairing substance.

Make sure you are journey-ready: If you embark on a long journey, ensure your vehicle is in good condition and can be relied upon to complete the trip without mechanical or electrical problems. Also, have a route planned – we all rely on GPS devices these days, but often your GPS cannot cope with a sudden road closure or hefty traffic. Your mom and dad (probably) used a map, so make sure you have one available.

Pay attention to the road: Give the road your full attention at all times, so no texting and driving or looking at your phone or anything else for any reason whatsoever. Make sure you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and look out for any potential hazards ahead, as it always pays to be prepared should the unexpected happen.

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