While ride share services like Uber and Lyft are an incredible experiment in entrepreneurial spirit and provide convenience for their riders, there are some warnings to heed when employing these services around West Palm Beach FL.

When a passenger hails a ride share vehicle, there is so much less to worry about than if he or she were driving. Passengers don’t have to worry about directions or even paying attention to the traffic.

We leave all this and more up to the driver.

There is one risk, however, that passengers are wise to keep in mind when using West Palm Beach ride share apps.

Don’t Neglect Your Safety

While a ride share is extremely convenient, they are not invincible. Drivers who provide ride share services get distracted just like every other driver on the road.

Even with the most attentive driver possible, ride share vehicles are still on the crowded roads alongside other potentially crazy drivers as well. While a ride share may feel safer than if you were behind the wheel, this is just an illusion.

If we look back just a few years, there were over a hundred total deaths that resulted from crashes in Uber ride shares alone between 2017 and 2018. Many more were injured and think about how much more popular these services are today!

Proper Medical Attention Following a Ride Share Accident

So, what do you do if injured in a ride share accident while in West Palm Beach?

Along with loads of paperwork and phone calls regarding insurance claims or police reports that tend to follow any accident, it is important for riders to give proper attention to their health as well.

Fortunately, for ride share accident victims around West Palm Beach, there is a chiropractic physician who has your back following a crash.

While receiving medical attention from a chiropractic physician may not be front of mind following a ride share accident in West Palm Beach, there are several benefits of being examined.

These benefits include getting back to your regular schedule quicker, keeping less internal scar tissue from forming, and not having to rely on pharmaceuticals to experience pain relief.

Call Dr. Keren Gomez at 561-414-2401 if you know someone who has been involved in a ride share accident in West Palm Beach or schedule an examination online today!

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