A Timeline for Chiropractic Care Following a Car Accident

Following a car accident, many victims are tempted to give their time and attention to the material matters at hand. Tasks like getting quotes for car repair, filing insurance, pursing legal claims, and others often take precedent.

While this approach is understandable and all of these items are important, they can also be a distraction or a diversion from addressing issues that cause a literal pain in the neck. When you or a loved one suffer from a car accident of any kind, it is vital that you follow the proper schedule of receiving chiropractic care in order to avoid issues with your health down the road.

Early Chiropractic Care Should Be on Top of the To-Do List

Many drivers make the mistake of pushing through pain early on and thinking that they will take care of themselves once all the other paperwork is finalized. This perspective, however, causes major delays to pain relief.

The pain experienced in a victim’s neck, back, or other part of the body often does not present itself until days—or even weeks—following the car accident. Drivers may think they are fine, because they do not experience any discomfort immediately following the wreck.

Seeking Chiropractic Care Today Means Avoiding Pain Tomorrow

The problem is that injuries not treated immediately can lead to chronic pain later. The first step following a car accident should include scheduling an examination with a chiropractic doctor.

Delaying an appointment—even if pain and symptom free at the moment—could have devastating effects down the road. Natural and non-invasive treatments early on could save you from expensive surgeries and procedures in the future.

A personalized treatment plan with a trusted and licensed chiropractic doctor will determine what actions are necessary for your specific path to healing. Depending on the level of trauma and how your body reacts to the impact, the number of visits and type of treatments will vary.

As part of a team that may include orthopedic doctors, other physical therapists, and neurologists, a chiropractic doctor offers adjustment techniques that will expedite healing and provide comfort to those suffering from injuries due to a car accident.

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