Treating patients after a slip and fall injury is more common than you might think. While stereotypically we consider these accidents as only being serious for seniors or already injured people, the truth is, they can happen to anyone. And they can have lasting impact for anyone, too. After any slip and fall, it’s important to get checked out because many of the more serious injuries that can occur may not be immediately noticeable. Injuries to the neck or back may take days to make their severity known. We have lots of experience in assessing and treating these types of injuries, so we’ve put together this list of what to do if you have a slip and fall accident.

  1. Get Checked Out

This is the most vital thing to do after a slip and fall. In the event of a severe injury, always head to the emergency room straightaway. If there is no immediate emergency, following up with your chiropractor is a great option as well. Pay close attention to your body after a slip and fall and be sure to alert your chiropractor to any pain symptoms as they may indicate the beginning of a more serious issue. While over the counter pain medications may provide some relief, they may also be masking a more serious injury. So especially if your pain is bad enough to require any medication, give serious consideration to visiting your Miami chiropractor as soon as possible.

  1. Make a Record

 Because you never know when injuries may turn out to be serious, try to document your accident as soon as possible after it happens. Write down exactly what happened and how. You could even try to take photos of any bruises as they appear. Likewise, try to record your symptoms as they appear. Providing details like where the pain is, when it started, severity and what improves it can be vital in making a quick diagnosis. All of these details make it easier for you to be assessed accurately. The memory can be tricky, especially when you’re in pain.

  1. Take Your Time Recovering

Slip and fall injuries happen in an instant, but they take time to heal. Chiropractic treatment is effective in dealing with these injuries, but like any treatment, it may not always be immediate. Be careful of yourself while you’re healing and be sure to follow any advice your chiropractor gives you about lifestyle changes or specific exercises to help you heal and prevent re-injury.

Dr. Keren Gomez has seen it all before. If you have been involved in a recent slip and fall or if it is in the past and you are just now seeking care, we can help. Give us a call today and let us use our expertise and experience to care for you.


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