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Why Pursuing Chiropractic Care Following a Car Accident is Crucial to Full Recovery

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Aug 19, 2020

There is a lot of suffering following a car accident. From dealing with insurance agencies, lawyers, and others involved, the process can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, one cause of suffering that often gets put on the back burner is the chronic pain that follows. Along with the immediate medical attention most victims receive following a crash,…

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The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Aug 13, 2020

There are a lot of pain that can follow even a minor car accident. Dealing with insurance is a pain. Getting estimates on repairing damage to your vehicle can be painful. If moving violations are involved, the police and court proceedings can really hurt. The worst pain, however, and those that require the most attention…

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How Car Accidents Cause Spinal Cord Injuries

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Jul 26, 2020

Car accidents are a leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Even safety measures meant to protect our lives in a crash can be the reason victims sustain injury to their spinal cord. Air bags and seat belts do save lives, but they can wreak havoc on the spinal cord during an accident. Of course, air…

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The Benefits of Chiropractic Care Following a Car Accident

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Jul 13, 2020

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department there are around 200,000 car accidents every year; which translates to almost 650 per day! Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of crashes are minor and do not result in hospitalization. However, even an accident that is not severe in nature can mean years of chronic pain…

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Tips for Seeking Medical Attention Following a Car Accident

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Jun 20, 2020

The list of to-do’s following a car accident is long. From the smallest fender bender to a collision that leaves your vehicle totaled, the tasks can be overwhelming, especially in light of any emotional, physical, and even spiritual trauma that can follow the calamity. Some of the necessary items will feel more urgent or obvious…

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How to Get a DOT Medical Card

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Jun 2, 2020

More and more, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is adding regulations and increasing guidelines for professional drivers. While many of these requirements may seem superfluous, one that actually makes sense is the need for drivers to pass a physical. The language and the specific requirements, however, can be complicated. The terms DOT medical certificate, DOT…

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Avoiding Common Winter Time Injuries

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Mar 30, 2020

The later we get in the winter sports season, the more likely we are to see winter sports injuries. Many athletes can go long stretches with minimal rest in between competitions as tournaments heat up. Just because it’s that time of year does not mean we are helpless against common injuries. There are several actions…

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Four Easy Methods of Maintaining Wellness Through Self-Care

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Mar 15, 2020

Navigating life without losing it is tough enough these days. With all the internal and external pressures to perform, things can feel overwhelming in a hurry. Whatever your goals are for this year, make sure that your wellness is at the top of the list! You Have More Control Than You Think You don’t have…

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Why You Need to See a Chiropractor After a Slip and Fall Injury

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Feb 29, 2020

When it comes to a slip and fall, most of us will probably laugh about it, pick ourselves up and try and carry on as normal. It may be painful, it may leave bruises, but in the long run little actual physical harm has been done, surely? While many slip and fall incidents are completely…

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