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6 Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Nov 27, 2017

Have you been in a car accident and unsure of where to turn? At Dr. Keren H. Gomez, Chiropractic Physician, we offer accident clinics in Palm Beach, Broward & Dade County, Florida. Being in an accident may be a traumatic experience for you or it may be something you brush off like nothing ever happened.…

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How a Chiropractor Can Help You Better Recover from a Slip and Fall Accident

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Nov 3, 2017

Slipping and falling around Miami, FL can be embarrassing. Whether you slip on the athletic field, fall down a set of stairs at work or slip on a slick spot at a restaurant, this type of accident is totally unexpected. In turn, your body is not able to properly prepare for the slip and fall…

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Dealing with Pain After a Car Accident in Miami

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Oct 18, 2017

When dealing with pain after a car accident in Miami, there are many courses of action you can take to relieve your discomfort and reduce inflammation within your body to heal more quickly. Pain after an accident should not be ignored to ensure that your body does heal properly. After an auto accident, you should…

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South Florida Auto Accident Chiropractic Services

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Oct 2, 2017

Chiropractic services in South Florida offer numerous benefits to patients recovering from an unfortunate auto accident. After an accident it is important that you take the time to rest and recover optimally, so can you get healthy again quickly and go back to doing what you love. Chiropractic services address inflammation and stressors within your…

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Miami Auto Accident Injuries

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Sep 28, 2017

Driving around Miami can be very challenging at times. The traffic, aggressive drivers, weather and use of cellphones while driving are all things that make driving around the city tough. Multiple car accidents occur on a daily basis in Miami. If you recently were injured in an auto accident, it is important for you to…

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Injured in an Auto Accident? Contact a Chiropractor Today!

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Sep 8, 2017

If you are in an auto accident, it’s likely that you were also injured. Injuries can be big or small. You may notice them right away or you may not realize it until the next day or two. No matter what your scenario, making an appointment with a chiropractor after an auto accident is crucial.…

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Chiropractic Treatments for Car Accidents Miami

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Aug 30, 2017

With Florida averaging over 200,000 car accidents every year and Miami even holding the most fatalities in the state, it’s no surprise that people in Miami are searching for relief after any sort of car accident. For those suffering from pain and other ailments after a car accident, Dr. Keren H. Gomez, your local chiropractic…

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What Type of Doctor Should I See After a Car Accident

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Aug 14, 2017

Car accidents should not be taken lightly. Rather than ignoring the pain, headaches or whiplash that a recent car accident has caused, consider seeking medical assistance from a professional that focuses specifically on recovery after a car accident. If you are in the Dade, Broward or Palm Beach, FL areas, look no further than the…

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Car Accident Clinics in Miami

By Dr. Keren Gomez | Jul 25, 2017

Do you feel like you are suffering after your car accident and unable to find relief? Dr. Keren H. Gomez is here to help you with all of your post car accident needs. Serving residents in Miami for ten years, Dr. Gomez has extensive knowledge on the pain and healing that comes after a car…

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